At Last

Huffington Post gives us the first dance at the wednauguration of Barack and Michelle. What was she thinking, wearing that dress? Too bridal, and yes, her bum does look big in that.

I find this dance interesting. Is this really a tradition? Demonstrations of intimacy in front of thousands, for the public’s approval? I don’t remember the great Bush hoe-down of 2001, and it seems undignified that one of the first duties of a new president is to dance for the people’s entertainment. We should be grateful that no-one started chiming on a wine glass with a knife and chanting ‘kiss, kiss, kiss’.

The soundtrack to the dance was Etta James’ ‘At Last’, as sung by Beyoncé, who recently played Etta James in the movie Cadillac Records. A brazen coup for the movie’s publicity department, there. At the next inauguration I’ll expect to see Coca-Cola glasses on the podium.

Beyoncé sung the song better than I’d thought she might - hey, I might even go rent the DVD - and the choice of song did fit the occasion, despite drawing still further parallels with the first dance at a wedding. It was not just ‘At Last’; it was also ‘Free At Last’. Beyoncé got that message across. It was a wonderful moment, despite all my cynical reservations.

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3 Responses to “At Last”

  1. Wilfredo Says:

    I’m very interested in the film, because bio-pics about musicians fascinate me. I think Beyonce has a good voice, but her stiff acting will make me not want to watch the Cadillac Records. I will, however, probably pick it up on DVD if there’s nothing else.

  2. Jill Says:

    According to today’s Metro (fount of all early morning knowledge), there were two balls, and at one of them the crowd DID shout “kiss kiss kiss”, but in Spanish. And they’ve also included a shot of Barack getting down on the dancefloor in a traditional (read, dad at a school disco) manner…

  3. Kate the Short Says:

    Oh, yes– the inaugural balls are a VERY big tradition. In fact, I suspect you must be putting me on with that question.

    One of my favorite museum exhibits was the Smithsonian’s American History Museum’s Inaugural gowns collection. They redid the exhibit several years ago, and now have way fewer gowns on display, but when I was growing up they had several rooms with mannequins designed and dressed up to resemble the first ladies. For much of my life, the culminating gown was Nancy Reagan’s gown.

    You can find a little more about the exhibit here:

    And yes, I don’t think the gown was nearly as becoming on Michelle as it could have been. Too many little fluffy feathery bits, a waist that made her look thick in the middle, and too much of a bulky train. It looked heavy instead of light. -sigh- She’s so beautiful, that I really regretted her stepping out in a gown that just wasn’t all that great on her.

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