Segel, the Albatross

Bloggers are getting very excited about the new Vanity Fair issue, with a photo portfolio of Hollywood’s big comedy stars. One photo sees members of Judd Apatow’s comedy troupe - Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd - recreating the famous Vanity Fair Hollywood issue cover featuring a fully clothed Tom Ford getting all gay pimp on pale and naked Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson.

Aside from a change in personnel and the presence of some flesh-coloured bodysuits, see if you can spot the other big difference between the two images. Here’s the original:


Mm, smell that haughty English actress, Tom. Smell her good. What does she smell like, Tom? Roses, lavender and Jammy Dodgers?

And here’s the comedy remix:


So, here’s what I’m wondering; did they actually invite Jason Segel to the photo shoot? What we’ve got here is perennial comedy bridesmaid Paul Rudd, man-of-the-moment Seth Rogen, and rising star/chubby sidekick Jonah Hill. And then there’s this Jason Segel chap, who is still not a recognisable name or a recognisable face even after starring in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He just doesn’t look like he’s meant to be there, does he?

I’m probably projecting my own prejudices here. I’m seeing something that isn’t there. Jason Segel is as deserving of a place in that company as any man could be! The same four guys also appear on the cover of the issue, so there can be no doubt that he was meant to be at that photo shoot, and he was meant to be in these images. Look, see:


Oh. Do we have a barrel for Jason Segel, guys? Did anyone… we didn’t bring four barrels? Right, right, we thought we only needed three. ┬áJason, would you mind standing at the back, there? Maybe a little bit further back than that? A little further still. You see the fire door over there? How about you go stand on the other side of that?

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4 Responses to “Segel, the Albatross”

  1. burge Says:

    Poor sod. Of course, I’ve never heard of him so I can only spare him a little sympathy.

    By the way, when did Seth Rogen become so… well, presentable?

  2. Kev Says:

    What’s funny is that it’s Paul Rudd’s name that’s billed last on the cover. If that had been Segel’s name then yeah, he would clearly have sneaked onto the shoot.

    And Seth Rogen looks completely different. It must be because he needs to be in shape for Green Hornet.

  3. Wilfredo Says:

    I will never forget Segel’s line in Undefined: “You’re not my girlfriend, you’re my girl…enemy!” That’s how I always managed to recognize him.

  4. Vanessa Says:

    If you check out the photo shoot on Vanity Fairs website (there is a video and some portfolios) you’ll see that Jason very much was part of the whole thing, and deservedly so. You forget he’s been a part of the Judd Apatow troupe as long as, or longer than the other guys in the shoot. Just because you haven’t paid attention to that, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be there, nor does it mean he isn’t funny. And on a sidenote, he did have a barrel - which you can see on the VF website, they just chose the shot without him in it. If anyone was the odd ball in this shoot it would be Jonah Hill, but I think it’s all really funny.

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