Uncanny Likeness?


USA Today has some ‘exclusive’ fan-pandering pics of the Wolverine movie cast, including Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Taylor Kitsch (above) as Gambit - surely the one character X-Men die-hards have most been clamouring to see hit the screen, being the big wet predictable fanboys that we all are. (If you don’t know Friday Night Lights, then Kitsch may be best known to you as ‘guy with great abs who dies having sex in the toilets in Snakes on a Plane’.)

Says Hugh Jackman of Gambit’s interactions with Wolverine; “He starts off as a pest, but their relationship is a little gray”.

Yes, ‘gray’. I’m putting that down to a transcription error.

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4 Responses to “Uncanny Likeness?”

  1. Marysia Says:

    His coat is the wrong colour! ;)

  2. Kev Says:

    I like Wade’s look. I just hope he gets masked up before the end of the film, otherwise it’ll be rubbish :)

  3. Andrew Says:

    The text suggests Wade is using a holographic projector, so it sounds like they haven’t forgotten the scarring. But if you’re hiring Ryan Reynolds, you want to be able to see Ryan Reynolds. Or at the very least his abs.

  4. Nora Bombay Says:

    10 years ago, I’m pretty sure I would have some complicated meta on the whole Gambit thing.

    Right now, I really have nothing to say other than: ‘guy with great abs who dies having sex in the toilets in Snakes on a Plane’

    Is clearly one of the greatest job descriptions of all time.

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