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Come On Barbie, Let’s Boldly Go Party

Friday, February 27th, 2009

 This year marks both Barbie’s 50th anniversary and the flashy 90210 reboot of the Star Trek movie franchise, and what better way to celebrate these two awesome moments in our cultural development than a Barbie Girl/Star Trekkin’ mash-up?

But sadly no-one has done that (as far as I know - I’m too frightened to actually check), so instead we’ll have to settle for the new Star Trek Barbie dolls, out this April. These have been made in the likeness of the movie’s stars, so check out this awesome likeness of Zachary Quinto as Spocklar:


Impressive, isn’t it? The resemblance is striking. Or it would be, if they had cast Anne Hathaway as Spock. Maybe this is Barbie as Zachary Quinto as Sylar as Spock? (As a bonus, it’s worth noting that the shirts all double as ShamWows.)

The sculptors have better luck with Chris Pine as the Captain Ken T Kirk Doll:


Of course, it helps that Chris Pine already looks like a Ken doll. This is an unavoidable side-effect of being made out of vacuum-molded plastic. (But admittedly Chris Pine is made out of very pretty vacuum-molded plastic. I’m actually all in favour of making our movie stars in molds. The only danger there is that they wouldn’t be naturally biodegradable, but judging by Sofia Loren, this is not a new problem.)

It wouldn’t be much of a Barbie range if they didn’t have a Barbie, of course. There has been a Star Trek Barbie before - a perky blonde in a Starfleet tunic - but in keeping with the fact that they’re basing the Barbies on the movie actors, and based on the fact that there’s really only one woman in space in the future (because someone has to answer the phones - ah, the future), Mattel had to do something it doesn’t normally do. Black Barbie.


As a likeness of actress Zoe Saldana, this is actually not too terrible. In fact, compared to the other two dolls, this one looks like a runaway success, but then I suppose the people at Barbie probably are better at making Barbies than Kens.

I’m being a little unfair on the black Barbie front - there have been a few Barbies of colour over the years, including ‘Colored Francie’ and ‘Oreo Fun Barbie’ (I wish I was making this up). Some of them have even been called Barbie, rather than Christie, DeeDee or Simone, which is such a generous concession. There was even an African-American Barbie friend called Nichelle! (I’d like to stress that I have had to look these things up. These are not things that I already know.)

So there you have it, the new Star Trek Barbies. No word yet on whether or not they’ll follow it up with Wolverine Barbies, but I’m first in line if they do.