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Dance For Me! Dance! Dance!

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

I talk a lot on this blog about American Idol, but there’s actually another reality talent show that I’m much more impressed by, and that’s America’s Best Dance Crew.

Actually, the proper title is Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew, but what Randy Jackson contributes isn’t very clear. He’s not the presenter (that honour goes to AC Slater from Saved By The Bell) and he’s not a judge (that’s choreographer Shane Sparks, someone who calls herself ‘Lil Mama’, and ‘N Sync’s JC Chasez. Yeah, I know, but I’ll take All Day Long I Dream About Sex over anything by Timberlake. It has handclaps!). I don’t think Randy Jackson even produces or came up with the concept. He just stuck his name on the thing.

I only very recently caught on to ABDC with a marathon of the first season one snowy day over the Christmas holidays. It’s now at the end of its third series, and this week’s final is between Beat Freaks and Quest Crew, both of whom are amazing.

And that is why I love this show; the talent is unquestionable, and the performances show real passion and dedication. These guys aren’t doing this because they want to be on TV; they’re doing this because this is what they want to do. I wish I’d had that drive when I was a kid. Hell, I wish I had it now.

For your enjoyment, here are two of the best routines of the season, by the two finalist crews. The first is by Beat Freaks, the first all-girl group to make the final. This was from the week when all the groups had to incporporate magic into their routines.

The other finalists are Quest Crew, and this is their semi-final performance for the ‘Hip-Hop Decathlon’ routine (which had five required elements; apparently hip-hoppers aren’t familiar with the term ‘pentathlon’). The athleticism and precision on display is extraordinary, and the routine is ’sick’. (I’m told that’s a term of endorsement.)

For the record, I loved this routine even before the buff guy tore his shirt off.